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Being Pregnant at 15...

Well hello!

If you've spent anytime browsing the "about" section, you will know I cannot spell. You won't be surprised to know I am actually pretty horrible at writing as well! Because of this, the majority of this blog will be (hopefully) short, sweet, an

d full of adorable photos.

That being said, I want to share a short "where I came from" series. So many of you share your most intimate, important moments with me and I think this will be a great way for us to get to know each other!

I found out I was pregnant just before my 15th birthday in January of 2008. This was before "Teen mom" and before it was relatively common thing to be pregnant so young. I was a freshman in high school and in short...It was hard. really really hard. My pregnancy was complicated. I had Hyperemesis gravidarum and basically threw up 10-15 times a day for the first 6 months. I vividly remember carrying around a plastic Easter basket to my freshman classes so I could puke if I had to. I ended up being hospitalized once and as you can imagine, I missed a lot of school. One thing led to another and as I missed school and my belly grew, my relationships with my friends began to dwindle and I was hit with this overwhelming sense of loneliness. Dylan (my husband) was amazing and would listen for hours to my cries and concerns. I think SO many young mothers go through this. When you're young and pregnant you have all the same hopes and dreams you have as a pregnant adult, but you don't have the tools or knowledge to obtain those things. It's a odd thing for me to look back on today because, while I write this I realize how blessed we were. We were blessed with each other, family, and a healthy baby boy.

Dylan and I were given this amazing blessing to be able to grow up together, and as we grew up together...we grew closer together. I sometimes catch myself saying "I got so lucky" but I didn't. We were given what to some would think was a "situation" and we chose to turn it into the most beautiful blessing you could ever imagine.

annnnd this is why I love photography! So often my clients are not just two people getting married or having a baby. It's a unplanned pregnancy, a new step dad for the sweetest little girl, a divorced couple who thought they wouldn't marry again, or two families from different parts of the world. You guys make these "situations" the most beautiful things, and I get to capture the raw emotions that come along with it <3

Woah, heavy stuff right? Stay tuned for my wedding story, it will be much more light-hearted. I mean, we literally drove a RV down to Missouri to get married by a guy named Bob Barker. (facepalm)

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